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Uvalde Photos

Uvalde, Texas photos

1920 - Narzario Rodriguez (my grandfather) This was his Alien Border Permit Card

1949 - Fiestas Patrias Court in Uvalde, Texas

1954 - Young adults from Uvalde, Texas at a restaurant in Piedras Negras,

1956 - A Conjunto playing at Lopez Grocery Store in Uvalde, Texas

1965 - Employees of Lopez Grocery Store get together to celebrate

1967 - Alfredo Santos, Xavier Reyes and Bart Flores at Betty Mae Carroll's Quinceanera party in Uvalde, Texas.

1967 - Betty Mae Caroll (Padilla) and court standing in front of Sacred Heart Church in Uvalde, Texas

1967 - Dancing at Betty Mae Caroll's quinceanera in Uvalde, Texas

1970 - Before and After photo 1970 - 1992 Kenneth Durham, Richard Garcia, Dolores Diaz (Miller) Alfredo Rodriguez Santos c/s and Karl Durham

1973 - After a Little Joe y La Familia concert in Berkeley, California

1978 - Alfredo Santos c/s outside his grandmother's house in Uvalde, Texas

2001 - Students from The Gabriel Tafolla Charter School in Uvalde, Texas

More photos to come

If you have photos that you would like to submit, contact Alfredo Santos c/s